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Shine, Deep Clean & Refinish

Refurbishment and Reconditioning for Purses & Handbags

Handbag Cleaning & Recondition

Inevitably, your purse is going to get dirty from everyday use no matter how careful you are. Even your blue jeans can innocently transfer their color onto a light-colored bag simply from rubbing on one another during a casual stroll. 


To clean and restore your handbag, our craftsmen will do a deep clean to remove any dirt and stains, add dye where necessary to restore color, and then deeply recondition your parcel back to its youthful glory. 

Suede must be dry cleaned or finely sanded when cleaning to ensure dirt and stains can be removed. We work the stains out gently without harming the suede, and then waterproof for long-lasting protection.


Do you remember that buttery soft leather you fell in love with when you purchased your purse? We can bring it back.


Custom Re-dye or Color Change

If you have a light-colored leather bag, our talented dye artists can either re-dye the purse the same color or change the color entirely of your handbag if you’re feeling so bold. So what color will it be this season?

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