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Boot Repair Services

Welcome KommandoStore enthusiasts!
We’re the preferred repair partner of KommandoStore, and we’re happy you’re here.

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KommandoStore Boot Repairs & Refinishing

KommandoStore exists to bring you high quality military surplus and even higher quality service. We strive to build the best relationship between us and all of our loyal customers who support us and share our passion.

We care about how good our products are first, not just what sells. We carefully pick and tediously design everything we sell to make sure our customers get the very best when they order from us.

We want customers to learn just as much as we have about what we sell to ignite the same passion in everyone we sell to. We've always been dedicated to the importance of the history of our products, because behind every surplus piece is a story worth telling.

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Cobblers Direct is the online extension of the Shoe Hospital family of companies that have been skillfully repairing shoes, boots, handbags and more throughout Texas since 1906. We look forward to supporting KommandoStore and all their valued customers' boot repair and refinishing needs.


Our online service is a snap to use. Just select your item type and repair needs, mail your item(s) to us with our pre-paid mailing label (or ship any way you like!), and then sit tight for a bit while we make your items like-new again.

Want to speak with a cobbler? CLICK HERE

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