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DSW Shoe Repair Services

Welcome to DSW’s shoe, boot, bag & belt repair services. We’re happy you’re here!

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DSW & Cobblers Direct
It Was Love at First Stitch

DSW and Cobblers Direct have come together to offer repair services for shoes, boots, bags and belts for you and all the brands you love!


Starting July 18th, you can visit any of the 500+ DSW locations across the US to access repair services. To get started, simply find a "Repair Services" sign in store, scan the QR code with your smart device to place a repair order, and then drop off your items with a DSW associate.


DSW will ship your items to us (Cobblers Direct) in Austin, Texas for expert repair. Once the repairs are complete, we'll ship your items back to the store and you'll receive a notification that your repair order is  ready for pickup!

It's as easy as pie ... or rather ... easy as cobbler!

Look for this sign at your local DSW
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