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That amazing feeling when you slip off those heels and melt into your favorite pair of ballerina slippers or flip-flops for the night is unbeatable. And nothing is better for chasing toddlers, running errands, or managing a day of virtual schooling than a comfortable pair of snuggly UGGS or melty Birkenstocks. 

When you've discovered whatever comfy shoe brings you to your ultimate state of bliss, you need to hold on tight.


Cobblers Direct wants to help you keep that feeling alive by repairing those flats and sandals you love--so you can hold on to them for a lifetime!



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The Anatomy of a Flat

(Slippers, Flats, Sandals, etc) 

When our cobblers approach a flat, wedge, or sandal repair project, we focus on structural preservation. There are 5 primary areas of concern when we evaluate any damage:​

  1. The Upper is the top of the shoe.

  2. The shoe Insole is the part your foot actually sits on.

  3. The Heel Base lies in between the heel cap and the sole. The heel base is attached directly to the sole and serves as the foundation for the heel caps to attach to.

  4. The Sole and Heel Cap are the components of the flat that make contact with the ground, giving you the traction and support you need while walking. The majority of your wear and tear occurs here, and basic repairs can be maintained. However, if you wait too long and wear through these layers, you risk damaging the insole and/or upper, which will result in more extensive repair needs. 

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Heel Cap Repair

There are two different styles of heels on women's shoes.


The first style are the thin high heels (similar to a high-heeled pump), and the second style are the larger - what are referred to as “flat” - heels. We can repair both styles of heels, but flat heels are most common when it comes to flats, slippers and sandals.

Rubber heel caps are in place to protect the base-end of the flat or wedge, and when the heel cap is worn down (or completely off!), it needs to be replaced stat. 


Replacing heel caps is actually the most common and simple shoe repair we complete. 

For flats, slippers and sandals heel repair, we’ll replace and install new, protective rubber heel caps in order to preserve the heel base shape and integrity. These rubber caps also provide extra comfort, durability, and traction.


Send all your flats, wedges, and sandals in need of new heels to Cobblers Direct for repair, and we’ll make sure you can keep enjoying them for years and years to come.

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Sole Repair and Sole Protection

Many women’s flats - especially designer brands - are made with delicately thin soles. These thin soles are gorgeous, but they can be problematic if you want to wear the flats outside of your bedroom! Inevitably, the soles will get worn down—and fast.


If your sole gets worn or pulls apart, please don’t worry. We can repair those flats and wedges! Our cobblers will either re-glue the existing rubber or leather soles back down if they are still in good condition, or we'll completely replace your soles and get them back on your feet in no time.


For all leather sole repairs, we will replace the soles using the finest quality leather in U.S.


Before you wear a new pair of heels (or after light wear), we can install custom, ultrathin soles, called SolePros®, on top of the original leather or rubber sole.


These soles are purposefully designed to be thin and stylish, come in many color choices (including mirrored red!), and do not take away from the cosmetic look of the fashion heel or pump.


SolePros gives you 5 times the lifetime of the original sole, which means you can wear your flats out and about and not worry about sole wear for a really, really long time. As a bonus, they provide excellent traction and extra soft comfort while you’re walking!

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Shoe Stretching and Liner Replacement

If your flats feel too tight, our cobblers can provide shoe stretching to give you some extra room! Leather flats and wedges can be stretched up to ½ size and are stretched in the width, which helps with length as it allows the toe portion of the foot to spread out, relieving pressure. Vinyl and fabric shoes can be stretched, too, just not always as easily as leather.


We can also install a brand new leather sock liner - unwrinkled and fresh - inside your flats and wedges that will provide both extra comfort and a lovely, clean new smell. Additionally, we can replace the heel liner at the back of your shoe to ensure you have just the right amount of cushioning.

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Flat - Blank.png

up to

1/2 size

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Shoe Shine, Cleaning & Refinishing

We can beautifully shine, clean, and/or completely refinish your flat and wedge uppers whether they're leather, suede, nubuck, or any other fine finish.

Every repair order comes with a free professional shoe shine (a $9 value)!

Shoe Shine: A shoe shine consists of first cleaning off all the dirt, grime, and old polish, and then deep conditioning the leather until its buttery soft. Next, we hand rub a wax or cream polish to provide stain and color, and last, we buff the shoe to bring out the highest shine possible. The friction and heat we produce with rigorous buffing activates the shoe polish and produces a gorgeous sheen that makes your shoes look fresh and new.

Deep Clean & Refinish: If you want your shoes to look similar to the day you picked them off the shelves (or likewise, if they are made of suede, nubuck or fabric and can’t be “shined”), you’ll want what’s called a Deep Clean & Refinish.

Screen Shot 2020-08-25 at 12.03.32

At the time new shoes and boots are manufactured, they receive a special custom finish that is applied at the very end of the process. This provides a beautiful long-term coating. When our cobblers complete a refinish on your shoes, we reapply the same gorgeous finish the shoe or boot had when it was made new.

For a full refinish, we first deep clean to remove any stains. Next, we’ll generously condition the shoe leather with pure lanolin (when needed), and then apply permanent color over worn and damaged areas. Lastly, we put on a new-shoe custom topcoat.

Suede and nubuck must be dry cleaned or finely sanded when cleaning to ensure dirt and stains can be removed. By using special suede-cleaning stones or our delicate sand-blasting booth, we remove the stains gently without harming the suede or nubuck. After cleaning, the suede or nubuck is lightly brushed and waterproofed for longer protection.

Voila! Your shoes are like-new, and this process outlasts a regular shoe shine up to 10 times.

NOTE: There are some stains, creases, cracks, etc. that may not be able to be removed in this (or any!) repair or restoration process, but we'll always do our very best to make your shoes look as "new" as possible!   

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My Dog Ate My Sandals!

So your dog thinks those yummy sandals are chew toys, does he? Don’t panic!


You’d be surprised how often we see flats, wedges, and sandals that have been chewed up by dogs and puppies. Let us take a look.


9 times out of 10 we can fix them right up. No need to be upset at Bingo for long.

dog eating shoes
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Flat, Sandal & Wedge Repair Services Re-Cap:

- Heel Cap Replacement

- Sole Repair

- Sole Guard® Sole Protection

- Stretching

- Sock liner replacement

- Shining

- Factory Reconditioning

- Custom Repairs

- Dog & Puppy Damage Repair

If you’d like to discuss your flat, wedge or sandal repair needs with a cobbler, please click here. We’ll Zoom call or email you to discuss your repair needs prior to getting started.


You can even send your items to us for a free repair consultation and we'll provide you with pricing once we've evaluated and discussed your items with you.


We look forward to meeting your favorite flats, wedges, and sandals and getting them fixed up and back out to you to enjoy!

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