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Men's Sneaker Repair

Men's  Online Sneaker Repair by Mail

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Sneakers. Trainers. Runners. Kicks.

Repair Your Sneakers, Go the Distance.

Whether they help you crush your first 10K or keep you looking stylish and feeling comfy at work or out on the town, sneakers are the greatest. From childhood and far into adulting, it’s our tennies that give us the ability to frolic in the playgrounds of life, and when you find a perfect pair of squeaks, they should last a long, long time.

Unfortunately, part of sneaker ageing is that the soles can pull apart, the mesh and fabrics can wear down or tear, and inevitably, they get super dirty. We heard that the cool kids refer to these sad and worn-down kicks as “beaters” and “biscuits”. But don’t give up on your favorites just yet!

Cobblers Direct can keep your shoe game going strong.

We can repair those high-tops, low-tops—or anywhere-in-between tops—and get them back on your feet in no-time.

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"Repairs are our passion. We fix all brands, all styles, all shapes, and all colors. If you can wear it, we can repair it!"

Sneaker Cleaning

We can clean, deodorize and re-whiten your favorite sneakers. Once we're done, your sneakers will look refreshed, and ready to rock & run once again.

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Sneaker Sole Repair & Re-Gluing

When the sole peels apart from the upper (top of the shoe), it’s time to send them off for repair!


All sneakers have complex molded soles, and they are strictly cemented on with no nails or stitching to reinforce them, so it’s important to re-attach the soles correctly.


We’ll carefully re-glue the existing soles and edges to make sure you get a long life out of your beloved runners.

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Custom Sneaker Repairs


Along with repairing eyelets, seam-stitching, patching, and replacing velcro, we can also reline counter pockets in the heel areas and repair torn mesh on your sneakers.

Our cobblers can also provide shoe stretching if your sneakers feel too snug. We can also install a brand insoles—unwrinkled and fresh—inside your sneakers that will provide both extra comfort and a crisp, clean new smell. Additionally, we can replace the heel liner at the back of your sneaker to ensure you have just the right amount of cushioning.

To purchase custom repairs, simply add "Custom Repairs" when building your repair order and provide a brief explanation of your needs. 

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My Dog Ate My Sneakers!

So your dog thinks those amazing rare edition sneaks are chew toys, does she? Don’t panic!


You’d be surprised how often we see shoes that have been chewed up by dogs. Let us take a look.


9 times out of 10 we can fix them right up. No need to be upset at Astro for long.

Happy Puppy
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Image by Stephan Schmid

Sneaker Repair & Services Re-Cap:

- Cleaning and Re-whitening

- Sole Repair and Re-gluing

- Custom Repairs

- Dog & Puppy Damage Repair

If you’d like to discuss your repair needs with a cobbler, please click here. We’ll Zoom call or email you to discuss your repair needs prior to getting started.


You can even send your items into us for a free repair consultation and we'll provide you with pricing once we've evaluated your items.


We look forward to meeting your favorites and getting them fixed up and back out to you to enjoy!

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