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shoe repair in your dry cleaning busines

Easily Offer Our Shoe Repair Services at Your Store

Shoe repair is a rapidly growing need across the country, and with few cobblers left to meet the increasing demand, it’s an excellent opportunity for Dry Cleaning businesses like yours to offer shoe repair services in your market(s).

Cobblers Direct is the online arm of the world’s largest and most trusted in shoe repair. With over a century of careful craftsmanship and high-tech, centralized repair facilities, a partnership with Cobblers Direct allows your business to easily offer the highest quality shoe, boot, and handbag repair services available.

Offer Shoe Repair in 3 Easy Steps


Customer Will Place Order and Drop Off Items at Your Location


You Ship Items to Us with Our Pre-Paid Label and WE DO ALL THE REPAIRS


We Ship Back to You for Customer Pickup and You Keep a Portion of the Sale

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How It Works

With only a counter sign needed for you to get started, your customers simply walk in and scan a QR code, place an order on their smart device (or you can place it on their behalf), and then hand their items to an associate at your counter.

You’ll use pre-paid shipping labels to mail items to Cobblers Direct, who will handle all customer questions and repair-related communications. Once repairs are completed, Cobblers Direct will ship the items back to your location, and your customer will receive an email alert that their order is ready for pick-up. It’s that simple!

For more information or to get started, fill out the form below or email the Cobblers Direct at

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You Keep a Portion
of All Repair Sales
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Learn How We Help Grow Your Business

On average, our partners see that about 50% of their shoe repair customers become brand-new dry-cleaning customers. Offering shoe repair is a great way to grow your overall business.


Having decades of experience, Cobblers Direct has worked hard to make this program as easy as possible for our Dry Cleaning partners to use, with the ultimate goal of creating an impactful and unforgettable customer experience to drive loyalty and repeat business. 


But why listen to us? Hear it from other Dry Cleaners just like you.

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Sign Up To Get Started

If you're ready to increase your profits and grow your customer base by offering Cobblers Direct shoe repair services, let's talk!​

Please fill out this form, and we'll set up a time to review program details and give you a live tour of our self-serve shoe repair program so you can see for yourself the unique customer experience and ease of use.

We look forward to working together!

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