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Shoe Repair Services for Dry Cleaners


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The Future of Shoe Repair

Offer Repair Services at Your Location!

If you're looking to add a low-hassle revenue stream and plenty of new foot traffic to your location(s), its time to offer shoe, boot, handbag, and belt repair services --backed by the world's largest shoe repair company, the Shoe Hospitals! 

Another upside? It's easy, and requires ZERO expertise.


With our fully automated Cobblers Direct self-serve repair ordering system, your team doesn't have to be shoe repair aficionados to sell the services and drive repair revenue. Customers can order their repair either by using an in-store tablet, or they can order on their own device (e.g. iPhone) using our convenient QR code sign. 


All you have to do is collect and send items to us for repair! Read on to learn how easy it is to offer our shoe repair services to your customers.

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shoe repair ipad

Offer Shoe Repair
in 3 Easy Steps

1. Display QR Code
shoe repair signs in your store

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qr code scan.png

2. Customer Scans
QR Code poster with their phone


3. Customer Orders
and you ship their items to Cobblers Direct for repair

Yes, it's that easy

Our expert cobblers will contact the customer and repair their items with care. Once repairs are complete, we will ship the items back to you for customer pickup.

Click below to Get started. We'll contact you to discuss and answer any additional questions.

How To Start Offering Shoe Repair Services

If you're ready to increase your profits and grow your customer base by offering Cobblers Direct shoe repair services, let's talk!​

Please fill out this form, and we'll set up a time to review program details and give you a live tour of our self-serve shoe repair program so you can see for yourself the unique customer experience and ease of use.

We look forward to working together!


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