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How to Shorten a Belt

STEP 1: Put Your Belt On

Put your belt on as you normally would wearing pants or shorts. Be sure to insert the belt buckle prong into the MIDDLE hole. Most belts have 5 holes, in which case you would insert the prong into the 3rd hole.

how to shorten a belt 1.png
STEP 2: Pinch Excess Length

Tightly pinch the excess length of belt. Be sure to pinch closely to your waist to remove all excess length. This will ensure a correct fit. 


NOTE: just relax your body when doing this. Don't inhale and reduce the size of your waist, or you could risk removing too much length.

how to shorten a belt 2.png
STEP 3: Measure (one side only)

Using a ruler, measure (in inches) ONE SIDE of the excess belt length.

In the example on the right, this would be 5 inches

how to shorten a belt 3.png
STEP 4: Double the Measurement

Simply double the measurement to come up with the total length of belt you want to have removed. 

In the example on the right, 5in + 5in = 10in. This belt will need to be shortened by 10 inches.

how to shorten a belt 4.png
STEP 5: Order Belt Repair

Now that you have your measurements and know how much of your belt needs to be shortened, click below to place an order for Belt Repair. Choose "Yes" for Custom Repairs and in the "Describe Custom Repairs" section, enter  "shorten belt by ... inches", specifying the length you calculated in Step 4.

In the example above, the customer would say "shorten belt by 10 inches" 

shorten a belt last step.png
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