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Shoe, Boot & Handbag Restoration Services by Cobblers Direct

Partnering with Cobblers Direct, the world’s largest and most experienced shoe repair company, gives you the ability to offer professional shoe, boot, and handbag restoration and recrafting services to your customers across the nation at no cost to you and with minimal effort from your team.

But what you gain speaks volumes. You’ll be providing an incredibly meaningful service experience for customers loyal to your brand, gain a new revenue stream to grow your business, and deliver a powerful CSR statement about your stance on sustainability.

Benefits to Your Brand

  • Greater Customer Loyalty = Increased Customer Lifetime Value

  • New Revenue Source - Earn 5% on Every Repair Order You Refer

  • Competitive Advantage

  • Value-Add Service

  • CSR Initiative for Sustainability

  • Promote the Quality and Longevity of Your Items

  • More to Talk About in Store, on Social, or on Email

Two Ways to Partner

  1. Openly partner with Cobblers Direct and benefit from a strong brand reputation, 115 years of expert craftsmanship, and branding and marketing assets and support.

  2. Silently partner with Cobblers Direct and benefit from positioning our professional services as your very own.

Why Cobblers Direct?

​These days, impeccable service and memorable experiences are everything. With over 30 brick and mortar stores and a network of 3 centralized repair facilities throughout Texas, Cobblers Direct is equipped with expert, lifelong craftsmen, best-in-class materials, and the capacity to repair millions upon millions of items each year. Our goal is to absolutely delight customers, from start to re-finished items.

About Cobblers Direct

Cobblers Direct is the online spin-off of the world-famous Shoe Hospital family of companies that have been repairing shoes, boots, handbags - even belts, luggage, horse saddles, jackets, and near-anything made of leather - throughout the great state of Texas since 1906. 

The Shoe Hospitals very first store in Houston took the shape of a horse-drawn carriage one hundred and fourteen years ago. Since then, dozens of brick and mortar stores have opened throughout Austin, Houston, Dallas/Fort Worth and San Antonio to serve the repair needs of all shoe and boot buffs, connoisseurs, mavens, collectors, and enthusiasts alike!


Today, the Shoe Hospital family of companies is the largest shoe repair company in the world, taking great pride in the quality of our craft. 

How to Get Started

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Brand Partnerships

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