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How to Clean Leather Shoes and Boots

It can be tempting to use soap and water on your shoes to clean them, or even to consider tossing them into the washing machine. Please don’t!

Whatever you do, resist the temptation to "wash" your leather shoes when they get dirty. Water not only deteriorates and dries out the leather, but at-home soaps and detergents can also remove important oils, color, polish, and protective finishes. So, what's the safe option to clean your leather footwear? Follow these 3 steps for healthy, happy shoes!

STEP 1: Rub a neutral leather lotion into your dry and dirty leather, which will remove dirt and grime while replenishing oils and nutrients.

STEP 2: Apply a matching color cream polish to create a finished, rejuvenated look. Finally, vigorously brush your shoes with a horsehair brush or sponge to reveal that new-shoe shine.

STEP 3: When finished, store your clean shoes in cedar shoe trees to keep them in tip-top condition.

Home shoe care not your thing? Our professional cobblers can deep clean and recondition your shoes and boots for you!

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